ANCO Natural Bully Roll Large Dog Chew

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Anco Bully Roll Dog Chew

100% Beef

A 100% pure & natural treat for clean teeth and fresh breath without artificial substances.

Many dogs (if not all) love a nice tough chew to enjoy for after a long walk, or after play time for some well-deserved chewing time. Chewing stimulates their brain and releases endorphins - the feel good hormones - so a chewing dog is a happy dog! And due to the tougher consistency, these are great for keeping them occupied for a longer period of time while also keeping their jaws strong. Upon chewing, the treat breaks down and actually aids the removal of tartar from their teeth, keeping them clean! These Bully Rolls are a great way to include some essential protein into your dog's diet, while keeping them entertained at the same time.

Ash 4.68%
Fat 7.89%
Protein 75.90%

Customer Reviews

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alexandra cauflield
Break time

This is a must for active energetic dogs. Paxton loved his. Kept him busy and tired for hours. Will become a weekly treat.

Meghan Crowley