Anco Beef Bone Broth

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Anco Beef Bone Broth 120g 

Adding essential nutrients and irresistible flavour to your dog's diet, Anco Beef Bone Broth is made from human grade grass fed cattle bones which are slow-simmered to extract highly bioavailable nutrients, including peptides, minerals, collagen, glucosamine and chondroitin, which are essential for healthy joints, bones, gut & digestive system.

Naturally high in protein, low in fat and with no artificial additives, Anco Beef Bone Broth powder is highly digestible and can be sprinkled dry as a food topper or made up with freshly boiled water into a delicious broth / gravy to increase palatability and entice even reluctant eaters to ingest vital nutrients. 

This natural product is simply dehydrated with minimal processing and as a single source protein is hypoallergenic. The convenient, eco-friendly powder takes up less space, has less carbon footprint and lasts longer than liquid bone broth, minimising wastage.


* Made from slow-simmered bones of grass fed cattle

* No hormones, steroids or antibiotics

* Grain and Gluten free

* No GMO, Dairy or Soya

* No added salt or sugar

* No additives or preservatives


To make a delicious broth, simply add freshly boiled water and stir well. Add 1 litre of water per 30g of powder. Allow broth to cool completely before serving. Rehydrated broth can be refrigerated and used within 24 hours. Alternatively sprinkle the dry bone broth powder over your dog's usual food as a tasty food topper, adding nutrients and increasing palatability. 

Pack size 120g - makes up to 4 litres. 


Nutritional information:-

410 kcal per 100g

Collagen 84g per 100g


Protein 99%

Fat 5%

Ash 6%


Customer Reviews

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Aisling Galvin
Anco Beef Bone Broth

My dog love this stuff. He was struggling to transition to larger kibble so we use the bone broth to soak/hydrate his kibble and add some extra flavour and it's made a huge difference. The fact it has so many benefits nutrition wise also is an added bonus. Bone broth for dogs is so hard to find in Ireland so Happy Tails is like a gold mine for me.

Great stuff

Very happy,my dog can't get enough off it