Twiggy Tags Aurora Adventure Dog Harness

Twiggy Tags Aurora Adventure Dog Harness

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1. An atmospheric phenomenon consisting of streamers of light, usually green, red or yellow that move across the sky; "the sky was aflame with the Aurora Borealis, the eerily luminous Northern Lights"

Designed for you and your dog, our multi-use harnesses offer functionality, practicality and comfort as well as aesthetic quality. Comfort comes first for our canine companions, with breathable mesh lining, our harnesses are light and airy to wear whilst being heavy-duty enough to take on any adventure. We have rust-free metal front and back D-rings for those dogs who like to lead the way, a revolutionary three-clip design so the harness doesn’t need to be stepped into or go over the head (looking at you anxious pups!) and a strong grab-handle fab for mountain scrambling. We offer a safe and secure, fully adjustable fit for all dogs from Chihuahuas to Great Danes.


Please note that we cannot guarantee if you will receive a harness with our old logo or our new logo at this time. If bought in a set, we will prioritise choosing the new logo to match the other products but this will still not be a guarantee. If you require a harness with our new logo, please contact us before placing your order so we can check if this is possible to accommodate at the time. Please note any differences between our old and new logo harnesses are aesthetic only, all products are strength tested to the same standard.


Measurements state the minimum and maximum a harness can be adjusted to at the neck and chest points. To ensure a comfortable fit for your dog please allow for an additional 2-3cm (approx. two-finger) width room.

For example, if you've measured your dog and the measurements are:

Neck - 40cm
Chest - 50cm

Your dog would fit in size 2 but they would be nearing the top end of the size scale, not allowing much room for growth. To ensure a more comfortable fit we would therefore recommend a size 3.

1 25cm - 31cm 25cm - 50cm
2 30cm - 45cm 35cm - 60cm
3 35cm - 50cm 40cm - 71cm
4 40cm - 60cm 55cm - 83cm
5 55cm - 84cm 71cm - 99cm

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Jade Hinch

Twiggy Tags Aurora Adventure Harness

Great harness

This harness is great for my JRT. The pouch for the AirTag and the grab handle at the back are very useful!