Holistic Hound Tummies Dog Supplement

Holistic Hound Tummies Dog Supplement

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Holistic Hound Tummies Supplement 350g

For pooches who are prone to sickness, gastritis, problems with yeast, loose stools, constipation, or gassy bottoms!

This powerful blend of therapeutic herbs can help restore and boost friendly gut bacteria responsible for overall health & wellbeing.

Can be used for acute tummy upset, or in dogs with chronic poor digestion to keep their gut healthy, balanced and strong.

Ideal for taking after a course of antibiotics!


-Supports a healthy, balanced digestive system

-Aids the absorption of nutrients

-Reduces stomach discomfort & bloating

-Strengthens the immune system

Detoxifies the digestive tract



Customer Reviews

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Happy Tummies

Really excellent powder which helps to settle your dog's stomach. Would highly recommend it and all natural ingredients, no chemicals. Prompt delivery and excellent service. Thanks!

Estelle Sharpe

Holistic Hound Tummies Dog Supplement

Fantastic product

My doggo has a particularly sensitive tummy. This has helped balance the sulphur farts a lot. She’s still incredibly windy but I don’t need to run out looking for a new food now. I give it to her twice a day, it’s become a staple

Louise Doyle
Holistic hound tummies dog supplement

Was surprised that it was not tablet form. But it took a few days before our baby would eat it all in his food. So we reduced to half a scoop and no problems. He's seems to be doing good on it. I would recommend that you adjust dose to what works for your pet.