Fluff & Tuff Walter Rabbit Plush Dog Toy

Fluff & Tuff Walter Rabbit Plush Dog Toy

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Walter Wabbit

Walter will hop his way into your dog’s heart. He’s handsome and energetic, and always up for a game of chase, tug or shake.


Walter Wabbit is a LARGE toy measuring 12" in length

High  Quality ultra plush toys. Made with a double thick inner mesh layer double stitched. Stitched eyes no hard edges. Large Squeak.These are toys of the highest quality with an ultra plush outer fabric and a durable, thick inner mesh. The seams are all double stitched and all toys have stitched eyes so there are no hard edges.   All toys are also machine washable.  

These are a plush toy and are not indestructible or guaranteed but they are alot more durable than the adverage plush toy. Choice of toy design is key when choosing a design that lasts. If you require recommendations please contact us.

These toys are so durable they will survive tough love from your dog. They will challenge even the toughest of dogs and will become your dogs new best friend!

Zoe who is the destroyer of toys (usually within minutes) has tried and tested these toys and they have lived to tell the tale.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Katie Lawlor
Best plush dogs toy money can buy.

My husky destroys every plush toy he's ever gotten and is a chewer. So impressed by our first fluff and tuff toy purchase and how attached our dog is to these toys we have built up quite a collection now. Really think you get what you pay for and especially love that these toys still are super soft and cuddly too unlike other 'tough'toys that tend to be hard and stiff.
He's most attached to Walter wabbit and rocket the racoon, trex and also loves nuts squirrel and even loves sleeping with them.

At end of days these are plush toys so we never leave rocket unsupervised too long with them as he will eventually chew a limb off given enough time and effort.

Walter wabbit is missing a limb and small part of face after much effort on rockets part but hes had a very rough life in year we have him so very impressed.
Great for playing fetch and tug of war as well with too and washes well in machine in my experience so far.
Only plush toys would recommend.

Fantastic soft toys

Our two dogs absolutely love these toys, our German shepherd destroys everything but yet these toys are holding on strong! Maybe missing legs, ears and fins at this stage! but we are well impressed as any other soft toy has been ripped to shreds within hours.

Clare Sheridan
Great toy

Our dog is a destroyer of fluffy toys usually but the octopus is surviving very well so far.