Anco Beef Braid Large Dog Chew

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Large Beef Braid Dog Treat

Anco Naturals Large Beef Braid (approx 30cm) are great long-lasting chews. A perfect dental aid, they help to remove tartar from your dogs teeth. 

Made with 100% Beef skin that has been braided together making it slightly more durable and exciting for the dog, and due to their size, they are also longer lasting than our smaller braids so if you have a larger breed or a keen/strong chewer, these may be a better option. Anco Beef Braids Large are a delightful snack your dog will love. Allow your dog to have some fun tearing the braid apart and consume the delicious flavours - The natural Beef flavour is bound to captivate your dog's taste buds, leaving them wanting more. This treat provides your dog with the best of both worlds - a delicious and entertaining snack that is also healthy at only 8% fat!

Protein 76%, Fat 8%, Ash 5%

Customer Reviews

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Cora Halloran
Very happy dogs

My 2 very aggressive chewers got really good enjoyment out of the anco large beef braids lasted 30+ minutes which is rare .
And my 2 greyhounds were very happy , these 2 tend to try and gobble on chews too quickly.
I felt very comfortable giving the beef braids to them and will be ordering them on the regular

Denise O'Moore - Behaviourist / Trainer
Beef chew

Another great product at a great price. Highly recommend.