Fluff & Tuff Charlie Triceratops Plush Dog Toy

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Charlie Triceratops Dog Toy

Charlie is 3x the fun for your dog. Her sturdy tail is the perfect size for a good, long shake and her horns are great for gripping during a game of tug. After a long day of chomping and stomping with Charlie, she is ideal for post-playtime snuggles.


Charlie Triceratops is a LARGE toy measuring 14" long

High  Quality ultra plush toys. Made with a double thick inner mesh layer double stitched. Stitched eyes no hard edges. Large Squeak.These are toys of the highest quality with an ultra plush outer fabric and a durable, thick inner mesh. The seams are all double stitched and all toys have stitched eyes so there are no hard edges.   All toys are also machine washable.  

These are a plush toy and are not indestructible or guaranteed but they are alot more durable than the average plush toy. Choice of toy design is key when choosing a design that lasts. If you require recommendations please contact us.

These toys are so durable they will survive tough love from your dog. They will challenge even the toughest of dogs and will become your dogs new best friend!

Zoe who is the destroyer of toys (usually within minutes) has tried and tested these toys and they have lived to tell the tale.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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The horns of Charlie are now chewed off, but the rest of the toy is in great shape. (Also bought a squirrel, which is still in perfect condition since it doesn't have small chewable parts)

No name

It is loved by everyone!

Olivia Lawlor
Still surviving

Our puppy Lab cross loves his toy. Brings it everywhere and might have chewed the horns but the rest of the toy is spotless. We are delighted that a toy is surviving the teething phase.

3rd Fluff & Tuff

It didn't disappoint. It's the best teddy type toy we have found. Chips is an aggressive chewer and they have held up. We have Charlie the triceratops 1 year now and he is still alive haha. Definitely recommend them.

Gemma D
Perfect toy!

So soft but strong enough for a collie and a labrador to play with. They love it