Zogoflex Echo Rando

Zogoflex Echo Rando

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Zogoflex Echo™ is made in the USA from the same non-toxic, BPA-free material as the other toys in the Zogoflex® range,but with a hollow centre making it much more pliable and lightweight

Small Rando™ measures approx. 6cm/2.5" and fits in a standard ball thrower

Rando ™ features Zogoflex material in a hollow,compressible,light toy that floats in water and bounces erratically on land. Though not for strong chewers, Rando™ is perfect for dogs who crave the squish.

  • Flat bottom and notched sides create an erratic bounce
  • Hollow inside so it's lightweight and has plenty of give
  • Easy to catch on the run, irresistibly squishy
  • Easily cleaned with a quick rinse under the tap or more thoroughly in the dishwasher
  • Floats, so is great for water play
  • NO Latex,BPA and Phthalate free, CE marked


 Like all West Paw products, Rando™ is backed by the Love It Guarantee™