Natural Dog Company Holistic Treatment Bundles

Natural Dog Company Holistic Treatment Bundles

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Have you tried the natural dog company products for your dog? Alot of products are fantastic as a pair or some dogs have a number of issues requiring two or more balms. We now offer sets to cover all your dogs needs.

Winter Protection available in 30ml & 59ml size. Contains a tin of the snout soother & paw tector protection for your dogs snout & paws in the winter or summer months. 

Bully set available in 30ml & 59ml contains a tin of the wrinkle balm and snout soother.  Perfect for pull breeds with snout or skin fold issues.

Itchy set contains 59ml skin soother tin and a 4oz bar of the spruced up pup shampoo helping to soother away inflamed or iritation of the skin & paws. 

Soother set available in 30 ml or 59 ml and contains one tin of paw soother,  one tin of skin soother and a tin of snout soother.

Power house set available in 30ml or 59ml. Contains a tin of skin soother, snout soother, paw soother and paw tector.


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