Mesh Harness

Mesh Harness

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Soft lightweight dog harness with breadable mesh design.These harnesses are very popular and come in a variety of colours and sizes. They are perfect for smaller dogs if you dont want to be pulling on their neck while walking. Stretchy nylon mesh makes it easy to slip over your dogs head.

The harness is a small fitting, 

X small this size will fit miniature breads and chihuahua

Chest 26-32 cm Neck 22cm

small will generally fit small Yorkshire terrier, puppies, chihuahua 

Chest 32-45 cm Neck 27cm

Medium generally fits  mid size shih tzu, small king Charles 

Chest 38-52cm Neck 33cm

Large generally fits large shih tzu, poodle westhyland terrier. Puppy Labrador 

Chest 52-70cm Neck 38cm

Xlarge fits collie, large poodle 

Chest 57-80cm  Neck 42cm

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