Aikiou Enrichment Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

Aikiou Enrichment Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

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Getting your dog to eat at a slower pace is better for his health. Unlike any other dog slow feeder available on the market, the Junior has a lid that makes it more challenging for your dog to get his food. Added to that the fact that dogs like to search for food that will make it fun for your dog.

With the AiKiou Junior slow feeder, dogs will use their sense of smell to find food. This is why hiding it inside a bowl makes sense. With this bowl, they experience their true nature and have to use their nose and paws to get to the food hidden inside.

Key Benefits:

  • 6 different openings to challenge your dogs mind and keep him in shape
  • Your dog will experience a new feeding experience and a mind challenge
  • Capacity of up to 1 and a half cups to satisfy any small dog
  • Helps prevent bloating in dogs
  • Help reduce chances of weight problems
  • BPA free

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