Natural Dog Company Bully Gnawers/Bully Sticks

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New to our Happy Tails collection. We love all the Natural Dog Company products and have added their natural bully gnawers also.

All dogs need to chew…and that’s a good thing! Chewing is a natural dog instinct that provides stimulation, improves canine dental health and helps relieve anxiety. The dilemma for dog parents is finding the right solution that will allow their furbabies to exercise this dog instinct in a healthy way. Many mass-produced dog chews are known to contain potentially toxic chemicals and present digestive and choking hazards. And we don’t want them chewing on your furniture or Jimmy Choos! Here at Natural Dog Company, we won’t put our name on it unless it’s made with all natural ingredients. It’s our mission to make sure we’re doing our best for your pups, inside and out. We are happy to add amazing, delicious and all-natural dog treats to our repertoire! Why chew when you can gnaw? Here are just a few benefits: healthy alternative to mass-produced commercial dog chews:

  • Developed from free range animals – no hormones, antibiotics, chemicals or GMO feeds
  • 100% Natural – no artificial flavors, preservatives, grains or glutens
  • High in protein and healthy fats
  • Helps improve dental health, strengthens teeth, and reduces plaque & tartar buildup

healthy investment for your furball…and your wallet:

  • Long lasting chewing enjoyment
  • Clean and 100% digestible for no waste or floor stains
  • Great distraction
  • Available in multiple sizes to meet the needs of all breeds

Give your pup a little treat without the worry. Your dog will thank you!


100% grass fed, free range, beef pizzle


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