Atlas & Tail ShedFast- Skin & Coat Dog Supplement

Atlas & Tail ShedFast- Skin & Coat Dog Supplement

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ShedFast – Skin & Coat Supplement

ShedFast is an effective skin and coat supplement that will improve you dogs shedding process, in turn producing a healthy new coat in replace of the old. Our supplement will improve skin and coat condition and will build a stronger immune system with added vitamins. 

Contains Omega 6 fatty acids, Vitamin A and Vitamin D3. 

ShedFast can be used during your dog’s shedding period to promote faster shedding and benefit skin & coat health.
It can be used intermittently throughout the year to boost the immune system, strengthen bones and maintain a healthy skin and coat.


Composition of ShedFast – Skin & Coat Supplement

Vitamin A – 1,000,000 IU – Vitamin A helps strengthen the immune system and promotes cell growth to aid skin regeneration.

Vitamin D3 – 200,000 IU – Vitamin D helps with absorption of calcium resulting in strong bones and healthy muscle. Vitamin D3 is twice as effective ( at raising levels in the bloodstream in turn boosting the immune system for skin and coat health.  

Betacarotene – 30,000 mg – Betacarotene is an excellent antioxidant and is necessary to produce Vitamin A. It supports healthy skin and improves pigmentation in dark coats.

L-lysine (HCL) – 10,000 mg – L-Lysine is an amino acid that helps produce antibodies and enzymes to boost your dogs immune system. It also helps with collagen production providing your dog with healthier looking skin.

Niacinamide – 800 mg – Niacinamide is a source of Vitamin B3 which promotes healthy skin and supports new coat growth. It is also used for energy metabolism and is effective against inflammatory skin conditions.

Vegetable oil in ShedFast contains Omega 6 fatty acids which moisturises the skin and makes way for a shiny healthy coat.

Analytical Constituents:
Vegetable oils, propylene glycol, dextrose and calcium chloride.

Analytical Constituents:
Fat 47.0%
Moisture 30.0%
Protein 1.0%
Fibre 1.0%
Ash 0.1%


Recommended Dosage:

Weight of Dog 

Dosage per day 



Dog < 5kg 


Dog 5 – 10kg 


Dog 10 – 20kg


Dog > 20kg 


Administer for 2 days. Repeat after 7 days. 

Shake before use. Distribute evenly over the daily feed or administer directly into the mouth. Contains 50ml. 

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