Anco Naturals Multi Pack Dog Treats & chews

Anco Naturals Multi Pack Dog Treats & chews

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Natural Bully Jerky 

100g approximately 5-6 beef pieces.

Gluten-free treats.

Natural Bully Sticks (100g)

100% Beef (Cow) Pizzle Sticks.

Gluten free treats.

100g approximately 4-5 chews per pack

Rabbit Hide Strips 100g

Contains Only 100% Rabbit


Porky Bites are made from inner ears and contain only 100% pork (Pig).

  • 250g approximately 6-8 pieces 


Anco Naturals Hairy Cow Ears - 3 Pack

The hair on the Cow Ears naturally aids the removal of any parasites from the intestinal tract.  Air dried to preserve as many nutrients as possible.  


* Single source protein - 100% Beef

* Naturally gluten and grain free

* Rich in nutrients

* Air dried

* No artificial additives of any kind

Naturals Bully Tendons

100%beef. Tough chews 

250g approximately 4-5 chews


Natural Bully Chewies

100% beef long chew. 200g approximately 3-4 pieces per pack.

Anco Venison Bites 

80g Contains only 100% deer (Venison)

Anco Beef Bully Tails 

190g Contains only 100% beef (Cow)

Approximately 5-6 pieces per pack 


Anco Rabbit Hide Strips

Contains Only 100% Rabbit


Anco Chicken & Chips 

100g small chicken chips

100% chicken 

Anco Rabbit Ears 100g

Contains only 100% free range rabbit

100g approximately 5 pieces per bag

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