Mighty Meaty Wag Box

Mighty Meaty Wag Box

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We now have a meaty chew wag box which can be subscribed to each month. The box will be packed full of meaty chews and treats . Different selection each month from anco, riraw,  yacks and earth animal.

There will be loose treats and bags of anco, riraw and earth animal in each box. Each month items will vary. Each box will have 3-4 bags of meaty treats and some loose chews also.

The size allows us to match the size treats to the size dog.

Mini Box is half the volume of treats as the full box. 

Subscribe and save for 6 months. Box can be purchases as once off or month to month subscription(can be cancelled at any time prior to next billing date)

Boxes will ship out on 30th of the month. 

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